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The Journal of Game Amusement Society

GAS(Game Amusement Society) has published the English Journal of Game Amusement Society since 2007. The Editorial Committee welcomes submissions of articles for New Volume of the Journal.
It is said that computer games have become the new culture. Considering culture change in this century through games creates new studies. In this way, it is very important to treat games from viewpoints of culture, history, philosophy, and art. In addition, investigating game players in scientific approach must reveal new aspects of human. On the other hand, the viewpoints of technology and science are necessary for development of computer games using digital technologies and for analysis of human behavior of game playing. GAS strongly encourages researchers and practitioners who study these topics about game and amusement.
The Journal of Game Amusement Society aims to disseminate results of outstanding research and practice in the field of game and amusement in all over the world. Researchers and practitioners devoted in this field are invited to submit results of their activities, thus being anticipated to contribute to the progress of research and practice on game and amusement.


The topic of papers includes but is not limited to:

  1. Game development
    Game creation, game design, game development tools, Game machines, Game programming, Game and sound, Game and simulation
  2. Technologies around game
    Hardware as game interface, Games on the network, VR: virtual reality, Game hardware, AI and game design
  3. Communication between game and human
    Game operation and cognitive process, Game interface, Game skills
  4. Game and Education
    Edutainment, Trainer, Development and game
  5. Game and Art
    Evaluation of game, Game and image, Game and cartoon, Features of game in the viewpoint of art, Artistic aspect of game
  6. Game and health
    Game for rehabilitation, Game and Mental health
  7. Game and Society
    Relationship between generation and game, Game and treatment, Game and social participant (rehabilitation in society), Game and ethics
  8. Game Industry
    Business style of game industry, Game industry as venture business, Game as business
  9. Game and Welfare
    Amusement, Amusement for old people, Game therapy
  10. Game and other domains
    Psychology, History, Pedagogy, Business administration, Study on women, Study on children

Instruction for Manuscripts:

Please refer Instruction for Authors.

Contact Address for Submission and Query:

Game Amusement Society Office:

zip: 575-0063
Kiyotaki 1130-70, Shijyounawate city, Osaka, JAPAN
Osaka Electro-Communication University
Shijyounawate Campus, Game Science Labo.

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