Game Amusement Society

It is said that computer games have become the new culture. Considering culture change in this century through games creates new studies. In this way, it is very important to treat games from the viewpoints of culture, history, philosophy, and art. In addition, investigating game players in a scientific approach must reveal new aspects of humans. On the other hand, the viewpoints of technology and science are necessary for development of computer games using digital technologies and for analysis of human behavior of game playing. GAS strongly encourages researchers and practitioners who study these topics about game and amusement.

To support academic reasearch in game and amusement industry, Game Amusement Society was established in November 2002.

The Japanese Journal of Game Amusement Society is published every year since 2006, and, the Journal of Game Amusement Society (this journal) has been published every year since 2007. Abstracts of papers in the Japanese Journal of Game Amusement Society are introduced on the following pages. Number of the member climed to over 100 in 2008.

There are 6 special interest groups below in Game Amusement Society.

Special Intrest Groups in Game Amusement Society and their typical themes
"Game and AI"
"Game and Art"
"Game and Education"
"Game and Health Science"
"Game and Human Science"
"Game Industry"